We value our members, their families, and our Colorado community. Below is a list of our benefits and resources that we provide to our membership to create a stronger Colorado. 

At Local 9 we provide competitive wage packages for all our members. Packages include multiple benefits, such as Pensions, 401(k)'s, Vacation Pay, and Insurance Contributions from contractors. We work hard to make sure you are paid fairly and treated well. Check out our primary wage package below (Wage packages may vary per contractor/ region).

 Wage A Matrix

Colorado Sheet Metal Workers' Local #9 Family Health Plan is self-funded. Providing our members with medical, vision, dental care, and death benefits. For health insurance inquiries or questions feel free to contact BeneSys, Inc.  or Lorey Chittum, our Office Administrator.

Local Pension: 
Quetsions about your Local Pension? Contact our SMW 9 Denver Office and  we'll be happy to assist you. 

National Pension & 401K
We provide multiple retirement accounts at SMW Local 9. To inquire about your National Pension or the 401(k) account, contact: National Supplemental Savings Plan
                               Toll Free: (800) 231-4622 

Official Payments
Pay your dues with ease online at Official Payments. Go to the home page, click Local payments in the center of the home page, our Jurisdiction Code is: 1614.
Or pay by phone at, 1-800-272-9829, Jurisdiction code: 1614