National Right to Work Act

October 3, 2017


Dear Brothers and Sisters:


In February of 2017, Congressional Representative Scott King of Iowa introduced into congress H.R.785, the “National Right to Work Act”.   At the time of this letter, the Resolution has been referred to the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, however no hearings have taken place.  This resolution, if passed, could have a devastating effect on our wages, benefits and overall working conditions.


During research of this piece of legislation, we discovered that two of the bills co-sponsors are from our own state of Colorado.  One of those representatives is Scott Tipton of District 3, which is the Western Slope including Grand Junction, and Pueblo.  The other representative is Mike Coffman of district 6, an area that includes Aurora, Brighton, Centennial, Parker, Englewood and Highlands Ranch.


Statistically speaking, wages in Right to Work states are 3.1% lower than those in non-Right to Work states.  This translates into an average wage reduction of around $1500 per typical full-time worker.  National Right to Work would not only be detrimental to our Union and our State, but to the entire economy of our country.


It is for these reasons that we would encourage all our members and their families, especially those that live in either of these Congressional Districts and who are constituents of representatives Tipton and Coffman, to contact them and voice your concerns and displeasure with their co-sponsoring of H.R.785, the “National Right to Work Act”.  Included in this letter is contact information for both representatives.  If you have any questions please contact Business Agent Jon Alvino at 303-922-1213, ext. 13.


Rep. Scott Tipton; website phone numbers; Pueblo 719-542-1073,

Grand Junction 970-241-2499, D.C. 202-225-4761


Rep. Mike Coffman; website phone numbers; Aurora 720-748-7514,

D.C. 202-225-7882


In Solidarity,




Jon Alvino

Business Agent